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Lying to Myself

Sitting with two friends in an apartment downtown, doing the iTunes shuffle. Lovely lazing, shlumped out on a sofa for hours, blabbing about nothing. At a certain point we came upon a series of meditative songs which seemed to go on forever. Certain modern “popular music” crawls over and through me disturbingly; I don’t feel […]

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Vive Sarah Bernhardt

Found this passage in her memoirs, hidden among the books in the guest room of a concert presenter: “It matters very little to me whether people believe one thing or another. Life is short, even for those who live to a ripe old age, and we must live for the few who know and appreciate […]

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New York Surreal Edition

After a glittering black-tie gala, I made my way downtown last night to a poser bar. There was only a slight difference between the socialites posing for the cameras and the New York youthful clubsters posing for each other. We were forced to wait in line outside the club, while others (friends of the doorman, […]

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Just returned by taxi to my apartment, and convinced yet again of Verdi’s greatness, whatever that means. Heard Deborah Voigt, Paul Plishka and etc. in Un Ballo en Maschera. I have always had a soft spot for the unbelievable contortions of operatic melodrama–a kind of game played by operatic composers and librettists, working with a […]

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