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Touchable, Tangible

I was innocently “enjoying” a roast beef sandwich at my local Subway sandwich place when in walked a group of teenage boys, and one of them said something quite unexpected. He said: “I want something …” (yes? pause for effect?) “Something tangible.” He then went over to the counter to order. I thought it was […]

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I was doing the dishes the other day (applause, applause) when jealousy struck. Boredom and prune fingers are more typical side-effects. It was because Nina Simone was singing “The Pusher” in the other room (from her Blues album), and she’d just got to that place where she says “the pusher is a MONSTER!!!!!” It’s a […]

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Pencils and Nuts

Today I am a squirrel. I am stocking away fingerings for the long, hard festival season. The squirrel hoards for the winter, and I for the summer. Presenters (you know who you are) don’t always seem to care about my peace of mind, and thus for a given trimester of festivals I rarely have a […]

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Bon Vivant

If to seek the last beans out of the coffee bean bag is to “suck at the marrow of life,” then consider me today a Bon Vivant: A rough measure of the urgency of the coffee-making process is the amount of coffee spilled in getting from the grinder to the French Press:

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