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A top ten list of things prone to put me in a foul mood would certainly be headed by 1) my mail, paperwork, bills, matters of accounting; 2) daytime television after 10 AM (not coincidentally when Charmed ends). So: off goes the TV. But I have to confess it took some time and mental energy […]

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Shortest post ever

When I say American I mean uncorrected by the main history of human suffering. –Saul Bellow Such as myself, in this photo (yes that is the hat from Lubbock):

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Baudelaire and Rufus

I have mixed up two poems in my head, poems about mixing it up. One is Harmonie du Soir: Les sons et les parfums tournent dans l’air du soir;Valse mélancolique et langoureux vertige! Sounds and perfumes circle in the evening air;Melancholy waltz and languorous vertigo! and the other, Correspondances: Comme de longs échos qui de […]

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I’m in love. Can I just say that? I’m over the moon for Humboldt’s Gift. Will it last? Only time can tell. I have a book on my shelf entitled “Can Love Last?” by a perceptive, dead psychoanalyst. I have read it several times, remembering nothing. Actually the last five days, their heavy servings of […]

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