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Berg Reception

I should probably create a whole separate blog to catalog reactions to my practicing of Berg’s Chamber Concerto. The elderly lady living down the hall from me, though often friendly, merely scowls these days when we meet by the elevator; she sullenly awaits more euphonious days. I am offending her, personally. But another young fellow’s […]

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With two glasses of Chardonnay and an unknown but considerable quantity of Rigatoni Bolognese under my belt, I made the lazy choice and allowed a cab to carry me home. In a novel, perhaps, this scene would be omitted: “I grabbed a cab home, and it was only when I opened the door to my […]

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Friend and faithful reader D. suggests I make my blog more controversial, more “opinionated.” But friend and faithful reader T. praises its persistent “positive attitude.” Between these two devils, perched on opposite shoulders, I often know not what to choose. My blog head goes agog. Yesterday, I followed Alex Ross’ link to Greg Sandow’s book-in-progress. […]

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Reading Updates

Recall my earlier paean to Bellow? Well I must admit to a personal failure: I lost steam three quarters of the way through Humboldt’s Gift, and it is lying neglected on my dresser. So, too, Stephen Greenblatt’s biography of Shakespeare (someday?): adrift and crinkled in the bathroom. However, I raced right through Cesare Pavese’s The […]

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