Monthly Archives: December 2005

On my way

As the cabbie turned right onto Lexington Ave., he asked me would I like to get off on the left or right side of the street? Very professional; well in advance; I felt shuttled by capable hands. “Left side,” I said. “Ah,” he said, “you’re going to school.” I puzzled; I savored in silence this […]

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Mixed Feelings

I’m getting funny emails from my family these days. For example, a couple days ago, one close relation wrote to ask whether a particular review of a recent Richard Goode recital was “good or bad.” As if I were some oracular interpreter of review-speak. I dutifully and shamefully googled up the thing, and found a […]

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Hemiola with a Conscience

If you want to know what I’ve been doing the last few days, I’ve been eating out and playing Bach Partitas. Thanks for asking: no, this is not helping to reduce global warming or global poverty or global hunger (except my own hunger and that of my mealmates). I’ve been dabbing these familiar pieces with […]

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How to Climax

As I draw the last coffee cup out of my cupboard I sigh and note that these thoughts do not want to end. Apologies for length and ramble. Perhaps a lunch break could help? … I admit I’m a snob who sometimes, but not always, sneezes at Rachmaninoff. Is it that it seems too easy […]

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