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Missing me one place search another

Regular readers might recall, I won’t ever forget, that I went not so long ago to visit the composer Leon Kirchner, and he jokingly compared me to Walt Whitman. I hadn’t read Whitman’s verse since high school, and even at my hormonal heights, penning maudlin teen poetry by the rhyming bushel, I found him over […]

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Legislating From My Bench

Something leapt out at me in the President’s speech last night: My American ingenuity was stirred and perhaps even plucked; well heck, goshdarnit!, why not craft my own healthcare bill? Everybody’s doing it. How hard can it really be? … 111th Congress 1st Session HR _________, To provide affordable mental health care for American pianists; […]

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Hot Seattle, Flirty Brahms

A week of 90s in Seattle … my hostess and I are both heading down delirium’s loopy driveway. The notes on the piano that I don’t feel like practicing swim in the heat. I flee to an air conditioned coffeeshop. Outside, nothing but blue sky and hipsters in shorts. The trembling tattooed hand of the […]

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Bucket of Truth

The other night I woke up from a vivid dream in which Anne Midgette was trying to prove that Charles Ives was gay using musical examples from his First Piano Sonata. The main thrust of this dream (so to speak) was clearly a reproach: I need to finish memorizing that monster of a piece before […]

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