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Elegy for Toothpaste

Midtour; slight insanity.  The alarm goes off at half past five, and there is a (black, prepaid, lemon-scented) car waiting outside muttering in various dialects, burping greenhouse gases into frigid 91st Street, with its windswept foothills of filthy ice.  Away from city joy, away from my beloved grottos of iniquity, away from my slothful intellectualism, […]

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Steven Isserlis has turned 50! And happily I flew to London to play on his birthday gala concert, with performers Andras Schiff, Radu Lupu, Dame Felicity Lott, Mark Padmore, Joshua Bell and yours truly. Now, in the official accounts of this concert, I think it is fair to say, my name does not take a […]

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Good For You

The night before Thanksgiving, I walked into the no-frills liquor store.  Maybe you know it; it sits near 88th and Broadway and lends its merchandise no illusion of glamour, its patrons no solace of disguise.  Rows of bottles climb up utility shelves to a dismal ceiling, and every last dust particle adhering to every last […]

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An Interview with Sarah Palin

JD:  Governor, may I call you Sarah? SP:  You betcha. JD:  I just simply can’t believe in the midst of this intense campaign season, you could find the time to talk with me about the “Hammerklavier” Sonata. SP:  Well, ya know, Beethoven was the dude who said thanks but no thanks to Napoleon.  Plus from […]

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