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Pitiable Performances

My excuse for not blogging is world domination. My plan: work from the core of the country, and ooze outwards. The following map shows the fiendish ingenuity of my campaign; it reveals the Denk states: Residents of Kansas City were assaulted by my unholy mixture of Mozart and Strauss some 6 weeks ago, in which […]

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The Weirdest Concert Announcement Ever; or, my Birthday

2 1/2 hours till birthday. I bound out of my apartment and head for the subway. To the tunnels, Batdenk! I have scheduled a massage to oil me into midnight. Swipe this card again, the gate says, but at no other turnstile. Which I interpret: you’ve chosen your turnstile, fool, now live with it. The […]

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Take A Friend to Springtime

I was delighted to be asked to contribute to Take a Friend to the Orchestra. As usual, the prospect of writing on a specific topic, for a deadline, terrifies me, and leads me to all sorts of desperate measures.  You can read my piece here, if you are a brave soul. Spring is here, and […]

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Tormented Nozzles

A certain cellist wants a reply to a question of programming: which Haydn pieces to play next month for a children’s concert at the Y? Fri, Apr 4, 2008 at 11:52 AM subject Haydn programme?????? Thoughts, please – or else… Medtner for you, my boy. I’ll wait while the chills run down your spine. To […]

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