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Bach the Romantic

I want to follow up on a remark I made a post or two ago about Bach seeming “more Romantic” than Beethoven. According to a conventional view of music history, Beethoven is leaning out the window of the Classic, and seizing the Romantic by its budding ear. In the meantime, he is a bad tenant; […]

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I’ll Have the Combo Deal

Whether we like it or not, the morning is the time to ponder dreams of the night past. It may also be, for us non-morning types, the part of the day in which we are least capable of dealing with them. Last night’s dream found me at the Marlboro Music Festival (really School?) preparing some […]

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Poetic Hubris

Some years ago, for some totally random reason, I wrote a poem about not being able to get out of bed one Sunday morning. It was fairly terrible, and fate conspired to double the mischance, as later that week an Internet site ( popped into view that suggested you enter a poem for a possible […]

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There is no emotional wall that misery cannot demolish. (Happiness, I’m not so sure.) A few days ago, I was playing through Beethoven Op 10 #1 (the C minor one), and I had the disheartening feeling that it was “classical,” tame; that in comparison to the Bach Partitas I had been playing, its universe was […]

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